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Wedding Industry News - August 2023: Supreme Court Ruling; David's Bridal; and Evolving Trends

August 01, 2023 Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas - Certified Wedding Planner Society Season 2 Episode 8
The Wedding Planner Podcast
Wedding Industry News - August 2023: Supreme Court Ruling; David's Bridal; and Evolving Trends
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Wedding Industry News - August 2023: Have you ever thought about how a Supreme Court ruling could rock the entire wedding industry? Our esteemed guest, Matt Mitchell, an LGBTQ+ community member and Master Certified Wedding Planner, helps us dissect a recent ruling that tilted in favor of a Colorado website designer who wanted to refuse service to LGBTQ+ couples. Join us as we delve into the ripple effects of this ruling on the LGBTQ+ community.

Further into this robust discussion, we unpack the urgent need for inclusivity in the wedding industry. With the help of Matt's expert insights, we tackle the importance of gender-neutral language and representation in marketing materials, policies, and contracts. Hear our views on the pressing need for wedding professionals to reevaluate their materials, educate their crew, and the critical role of networking within the LGBTQ+ community in fostering inclusivity. Plus, discover the unique use of the Mindfulness Card to honor the couple's roles and pronouns on their wedding day.

As we round off, we touch on old and new trends in the wedding industry, from the rise of secondhand wedding gowns to the shift in wedding party sizes. We share our thoughts on the growing consciousness among couples about their environmental footprint, and how wedding planners need to adapt to these changing dynamics. We end with a powerful reminder that the spotlight of a wedding should always remain on the couple, irrespective of the size of their wedding party. Tune in and join us in making the wedding industry more welcoming and inclusive.

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Host: Aisha Garnett: Certified Educator & Master CWP with the CWP Society, and owner of Sheree Amour Weddings & Event Planning.
Guests: Matt Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Event Planning; Laurie Hartwell, CEO of the CWP Society, and Krisy Thomas, VP of the CWP Society and owner of Southern Sparkle Weddings and Events

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