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A Couple's Journey in the Business of Bliss: Tips To Succeed

December 19, 2023 Laurie Hartwell & Krisy Thomas - Certified Wedding Planner Society Season 2 Episode 21
The Wedding Pro Podcast
A Couple's Journey in the Business of Bliss: Tips To Succeed
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Navigating the wedding industry can be a dance of love and logistics, even more so when you're stepping to the rhythm alongside your soulmate. Philip and Laurie pull from thier own experiences to offer a candid look at the synergies and complexities of running a wedding planning business as a married couple. They explore the essential role of communication, the art of compromise, and the profound impact of trust in both thier personal and professional lives. Their journey hasn't just been about creating dream weddings; it's been about weaving the fabric of thier relationship into a stronger, more resilient partnership.

When two people with distinct decision-making styles collaborate, sparks can fly, but so can innovation. We take you behind the scenes of their day-to-day operations, where Laurie's eye for detail complements Philip's drive for efficiency. Through anecdotes and insights, they share the nuances of tailoring communication to foster understanding and align their business strategies. It's not just about working together; it's about growing together, learning to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship without losing sight of the lighthouse that is their relationship.

As they round up their heart-to-heart, they don't shy away from the challenges of keeping the flames of romance burning brightly amidst the demands of their business. 
They get personal, sharing how they balance the books and their marriage, from integrating vacations with business trips, to switching off work mode and cherishing their time as empty nesters. What's more, they extend a heartfelt invitation to join the CWP Society, a community where support and collaboration aren't just buzzwords—they're the cornerstone of how they operate. Whether you're a fellow couple in business or a solo wedding planner, this episode is a celebration of love, entrepreneurship, and the magic that ensues when they intersect. | | IG: @cwpsociety | FB: @cwpsociety

Working With Your Soulmate in Weddings
Communication and Compromise in Business
Effective Communication Styles in Business Relationships
Building Trust in Business Relationships
Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Marriage
The Importance of Teamwork and Support

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